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Public speaking

You are a company and wish to develop your commercial strength or develop a team building, but also manage your emotions in front of a people, we are here to build some trainings with your company.

Post production

You are willing to start doing post production for your own videos, direct your studies towards post production or simply getting stronger with your post production knowledge, we offer post production trainings.


You have always dreamt about becoming a director but you have do not know where to start from. We offer you director trainings to learn how to start.

Screenplay writing

Build a screenplay is a key step in movie production process. It requires a particular writing style and to follow some very precise steps.


We offer theatre trainings, improvisations and staging.


We offer you a training on the whole process to make a movie.

Online training though conf call with Arnaud Mizzon

Basic training

  • 45min coaching (pick one of the above trainings)
  • By phone or Skype
  • 2 follow up emails

Premium training

  • 1h30 coaching (pick one of the above trainings)
  • By phone or Skype
  • 4 follow up emails

Full training

  • 1hour first call
  • 2x1h follow up call, by phone or skype
  • Follow up emails during a month period

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