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About us

Lorbac Productions is a french audiovisual production company with two main skills: the fiction (cinema, TV, digital, radio) and advertisement (cinema, tv, digital and internet).

We have made more than a dozen TV advertising campaigns, all created from design to post production, including nowadays 10 millions views on digital content.

Since 2019, we have produced two movies: « Down » staring Medi SADOUN, a drama sold to the Canal+ group and selected in 65 festivals worldwide. The second one is called « Home Stretch » staring Gerard DARMON and Caroline ANGLADE, bought by the Orange group through their channel OCS, selected at the Alpe d’Huez International Film Festival 2020 and awarded worldwide.

Lorbac Productions owns an author’s office, a team of directors, an artistic director, in order to write and build your next advertisement campaigns internally or externally, but is also able to create all types of videos.

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Lorbac Productions owns an author’s office, a team of directors, an artistic director and remains at your disposal for any inquires.

The Lorbac Productions team

Arnaud Mizzon
Arnaud Mizzon

Director and producer

Julien Mizzon
Julien Mizzon

Associate producer

Patrice Revaux
Patrice Revaux

Artistic director

« My youth dream has always been to become an actor and director. I’ve started my career as an actor. As time goes by, I realised that I loved telling stories. And from this moment, I realised that the most important part for me regarding my job was to create a story and entertain people with it. Quickly, I felt that I preferred to be as free as I could in my job and within my projects. In 2008, I’ve decided to build Lorbac Productions with my brother and my father, what a great feeling to be able to create a amazing family bound with cinemas. Lorbac Productions is a proper adventure, full of kindness and ambitions. There is definitely an explanation regarding the name Lorbac and the answer is in the name. »
Arnaud Mizzon